Cotton is an indispensable material for vaping. It is used to moisten the vaporiser with liquid and generate the vapour.

Cotton consists of natural cotton fibres that have been specially treated for vaping. It is free from chemical additives and ensures a pure flavour of the liquid.

When the vaporiser is wound, the cotton wool is pulled through the coils. There it absorbs the liquid and is vaporised by the heat of the coils. The right amount of cotton is crucial for an optimal vaping experience. Too much cotton can lead to a dry hit, while too little cotton can cause the liquid to run out.

Cotton for vaping is available in different sizes to suit the individual preferences of every vaper. It can be easily cut and adjusted to fit perfectly into the vaporiser.

It is important to change the cotton in the vaporizer regularly, as it wears out over time and loses its flavour. Regular cleaning of the vaporiser also helps to extend the life of the cotton.

All in all, cotton is an essential accessory for every vaper. It ensures a pure flavour of the liquid and enables a pleasant vaping experience.

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