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Neu HDNE-EndoArmor Mod (Blau) Vergrößern

HDNE-EndoArmor Mod (Blau)

HDNE-EndoArmor Mod (Blau)

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  • 1 x HDNE-EndoArmor Mod (Blau)
    1 x HDNE-EndoArmor Mod (Blau)

    HDNE-EndoArmor Mod (Blau)

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HD&E EndoArmor CCSD

The EndoArmor by Hutchinson Designs & Engineering, Inc. 34mm CCSD. The first run of anodized EndoArmors is available as a complete kit including:

SS Top Cap, main body, extension body, 2 matching aluminium sleeves, botton SS, button cap and housing, Lucky Charm Contact and magnets. All comes in a custom made hdne package

Anodized Aluminum 26650 Stacked Kit

Hutchinson Designs & Engineering

Competion Cloud Sport Devices CCSD

What Comes In the EndoArmor Kit.

1. Body - 7075 Billet Aluminum 

2. Extension Body - 7075 Billet Aluminum

3. (2) Matching Sleeves - 7075 Billet Aluminum

4. Switch - 303 Stainless Steel

5. Top Cap - 303 Stainles Steel

6. " Luck Charm " Copper Contact - 110 Copper

7. " Lucky Charm" Button Housing - 7075 Billet Aluminum

8. (4) Magets - 2 for the housing and 2 for the batteries (Not Required For Operation )

9.Packaging for the EndoArmor Kit

* Limited Lifetime Warranty *

This is a competition Cloud sport device (CCSD)made to be used ONLY for competitions. This item is intended for ZERO nicotine only.

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HDNE-EndoArmor Mod (Blau)